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The automotive market is changing rapidly. Brands merge into concerns, change owners. There are new ones, but there are also those that disappear from the market. Car models are also constantly changing – one is no longer produced, the other is facelifted, and the modifications used in the third are so large compared to the predecessor that a completely new generation is created. Manufacturers are constantly working on new models that appear on the market from time to time, gaining greater or lesser recognition of customers. The number of historic cars, new models and those after facelift is already so large that you can get lost in this “automotive thicket”, especially if someone does not follow the news on a regular basis. Therefore, we need a car catalog that will systematize this data.

88 brands in the car catalog
The auto catalog on our website contains information about cars of various brands (88 in total) – from the most popular to rare, and even those that no longer exist. If we are interested in who was the founder of the brand, where its name came from, or in which year the first car of a given manufacturer appeared, all this information is included in the car catalog available on AutoCentrum. To improve the search for a brand on the list, each name is also marked with a logo to facilitate its identification. There is also a search engine, thanks to which it is easy to find information about cars that interest us. In addition, from the brand level, we will check which drive units in each model are offered by the manufacturer. In this way, our car catalog becomes a convenient tool for people who, e.g.

The car in a nutshell
In addition to the brands themselves, the autocatalog also includes descriptions of individual models and their generations. It can be said that the information about the car “at a glance” is provided here, in a factual and accessible way. In addition to the substantive description, each car model has two subjective opinions about it – their authors are Powagosław and Luzacjusz. In addition, there are precise technical parameters, including engine (capacity, type, power, torque, boost, number of cylinders, number of valves, etc.), type of gearbox and number of gears, bodywork (i.e. number of doors, length, width and height of the body, wheelbase), vehicle weights, fuel consumption or performance. There are also advantages and disadvantages collected in points, a general assessment of the model, as well as links to more detailed driver assessments.

We are aware of how fast the automotive market is developing, so we try to update the car catalog available at AutoCentrum on an ongoing basis. If you notice any inaccuracies or omissions, we will be grateful for such information – we will try to complete / correct the data as soon as possible.

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