Which Nissan Juke MK1 (2010-2015) Engine To Avoid?

Which Nissan Juke MK1 2010-2015 Engine To Avoid

When Nissan introduced the car in 2009, some were delighted, others thought it was a Juke. The Japanese manufacturer took Juke very seriously and introduced a strange-looking concept into production, and sales have been looking pretty good so far. Although … Read More

Which Nissan Note (2006-2013) Engine To Avoid?

Which Nissan Note 2006-2013 Engine To Avoid

A Japanese that is more European than the brand suggests. Although it is far from perfect, it also has its advantages. Unfortunately, the problem is very strong competition. Is Nissan Note a car worth recommending? Nissan Note Characteristics and construction … Read More

Which Ford Focus MK2 Engine To Avoid?

Which Ford Focus MK2 Engine To Avoid?

Ford refined the second generation of Ford Focus MK2 in every respect and it must be admitted that everything is better in it. Apart from the look that has become a bit bland, but the car is without any major … Read More