Car Fire Extinguishers: Types, Prices and How to use them?

The car fire extinguisher car must have a capacity of not less than 1 kilogram. Unfortunately, such a small car fire extinguisher only works for 5 seconds, so if we can’t use it, it’s worth buying a fire extinguisher with a larger capacity.

In addition, it is worth carrying out a technical inspection, i.e. legalization, which is not mandatory – The law does not require us to have a legalized fire extinguisher.

But having a fire extinguisher with essential checks, we can rest assured that it will not let us down and will work at the crucial moment. Information about the date of inspection is in the tank, and if we want to extend the legalization, we have to go to a special place.

The law requires drivers to equip their vehicles with fire extinguishers. Otherwise, we may be fined for not doing roadside checks. What do you need to know about this equipment?

Types of car fire extinguishers

Fire extinguishers are divided into specific fire classes. If we want to know what extinguisher we have, just look at the cylinder markings. For convenience, the same symbols are used all over the World, namely:

  • Class A – used to extinguish solids
  • Class B – used to extinguish liquids and materials that melt in the combustion process
  • Class C – used to extinguish gas
  • Class D – used to extinguish metal
  • Class E – used to extinguish electrical equipment
  • Class F – used to extinguish food fat

Car fire extinguishers are usually of type ABC or maybe type BC.

Where should a car fire extinguisher be placed?

Similar questions arise during the driving theory test. And the answer is – the fire extinguisher should be easily accessible, and ideally under the front passenger seat. If the fire extinguisher is in a difficult place during the road check, we can also get a fine.

The harness of the extinguisher must be strong so that the extinguisher does not fall during heavy braking or roll over, as it may explode – therefore, do not let the extinguisher loose. For this purpose, it is worth looking for a car fire extinguisher with a handle that will help us to better secure it from falling.

How to extinguish a burning vehicle?

As I wrote above – a 1 kilogram fire extinguisher may not be enough for us to put out the fire. Theoretically, such a fire extinguisher should extinguish a fire, but in practice it does not always work due to our lack of skill and experience in using it.

Usually, in such situations, we are accompanied by restlessness, which only increases our chaotic behavior. Therefore, the first thing we should do is calm down and turn off the engine.

Then find the source of the fire. If it is under the hood, you first take out the fire extinguisher and only then open the hood. Of course, you should not remove the mask to the maximum, because then we will supply air, which will magnify the fire.

Therefore, the mask does not fully open at once, but opens slightly at first. Insert the fire extinguisher into the gap created and ignite it. Fire extinguishers are most effective when placed vertically, so try to hold them in place as much as possible.

When extinguishing a fire, direct the flow of extinguisher directly to the source of the fire, otherwise we will not be able to extinguish the fire. If we have such a possibility, it’s good to stop other drivers from having one more fire extinguisher.

However, it should be added that we have 2-3 minutes for the whole operation, because after this time the fire can spread so much that we will not be able to control it.

How much does a car fire extinguisher cost?

The price of a car fire extinguisher varies depending on the capacity, type and manufacturer. We can buy fire extinguishers at the station, in supermarkets or online. For a mandatory fire extinguisher, i.e. with a capacity of 1 kg, we will pay from $10-$20 On the other hand, we will pay more than $25 for a 2 kg mobile fire extinguisher.

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