How Much Does a Cabin Air Filter Replacement Cost?

Cabin air filters are a must in every car. This seemingly small part can really make a big difference to your health and driving comfort. What are the types of cabin filters? Find out what this device is and how it works!

Cabin Air Filter Replacement Cost

It is this filter that cleans the air that flows through the ventilation system into your car. You must replace the cabin air filter regularly if it is to function properly. This is especially important if you are allergic or move around in dusty areas a lot.

Take care of your car and your health by replacing these elements regularly. But first, read up on how pollen filters work and whether each type is equally effective. When is the best time to replace this element? Find out from the article!

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What is a cabin air filter and how does it work?

The cabin filter is installed in the car vent. The tasks are:

  • Air purification;
  • Prevent dirt from entering the car cabin.

Thanks to it, you will significantly reduce the amount of dust that will end up in the car. This is a very important issue for allergy sufferers. This element is unnecessary and turns out to be less popular than, for example, an oil filter, but it will work for you and your car. In addition, thanks to it, the air will dry faster. This is valuable, for example, when removing fog from windows on a very humid day.

Cabin air filter – regular or carbon?

Ordinary filter or carbon? This question arises a lot, especially for people who are just thinking of wearing an item. The regular ones are a bit cheaper, so if you want a low price go for it. However, the carbon cabin filter has a larger absorbent surface.

In addition, thanks to carbon, it can attract dirt much more efficiently and clean the air effectively. For this reason, carbon types are increasingly being chosen by customers. Unfortunately, it will be twice as expensive as the usual.

How often to change cabin air filter?

How often you need to replace the cabin carbon filter depends on the manufacturer and model selected. It is assumed that it should be replaced on average every 15 thousand km or once a year. This is best done in the spring.

Thanks to the replacement of the cabin air filter spring, you will provide the best protection against sneezing or fever. It will not be damaged too quickly by frost, which may have a negative effect on its condition. Remember the manufacturer’s recommendations. If this one suggests replacing it every six months, it’s best to just replace the filter.

Can I replace the carbon cabin air filter myself?

If you know the basic structure of a car and can perform basic tasks, the answer is probably yes! This is not a very complicated activity. However, a lot depends on your vehicle model. Contemporary cars are being built more and more.

This makes access to some elements even more difficult. Therefore, it is sometimes necessary to visit a mechanic. You can replace the cabin air filter, for example during an annual inspection of the condition of your vehicle. The mechanics will definitely handle it very quickly and efficiently.

How to replace a carbon air filter for a car?

  • First, find where the filter is or should be.
  • Remove the cover. This one usually locks on top of the buckle so it shouldn’t be hard.
  • Check the condition of the filter and (if necessary) replace it with a new one.
  • Install the plastic elements and it’s ready!

You can drive your car and enjoy the clean air!

How much does it cost to replace the cabin air filter?

How much a cabin air filter costs depends on your car model. Usually, the newer the car, the more expensive the filter. In the case of many older cars, the cost is up to $25. Newer models will require frequent visits to the repair shop, where the cost of the filter itself can be as high as $100-$200. After entering the replacement amount, this service can cost up to $250. However, it is an expense worth making.


Regardless of whether you choose a carbon filter or a regular cabin filter, you will maintain the quality of the air in the car. This is especially important when the driver or passenger is allergic. Thanks to the filter, you can get rid of dust, which means a more pleasant journey. The exchange will not be difficult, and our advice will definitely help you!


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