The Most Common BMW M54B25 Engine Problems

BMW M54B25 Engine

This M54B25 engine was produced from 2000 to 2006. Aluminum was also used for the cylinder block. Nothing has changed here in terms of the power system and the usual injector was adopted. The row arrangement did not surprise anyone. … .

The Most Common BMW M21D24 Engine Problems

BMW M21D24 Engine

The BMW concern began production of the engine in January 1983. At the plant built in Steyer, more than 174 copies of the M21D24 were produced until mid-December 1992. This is the first power unit of the concern, which runs … .

The Most Common BMW M20B25 Engine Problems

BMW M20B25 Engine

The M20B25 six-cylinder in-line engine replaced the B20/23 engines on the assembly line. It was released for 7 years (1986-93). The cylinder block was made of cast iron. The M20B25 was installed on the E30 325i, E34 525i and Z1 … .

The Most Common BMW M40B18 Engine Problems

BMW M40B18 Engine

Production of the M40B18 engine started in 1987. The motor is the older brother of the M40B16, which appeared a year later. The engine is the first in-line four-cylinder unit in the M40 family. 1.8-liter M40B18 engines were equipped for … .

The Most Common BMW M40B16 Engine Problems

BMW M40B16 Engine

The subcompact M40 series appeared in 1988. The engine was created on the basis of the M40B18, which became the first in-line four-cylinder engine in this family. The difference from its predecessor lies in the reduction of the working volume … .