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A German brand that specializes in the production of cars and motorcycles, as well as bicycles and engines. The motto of the company is “ Driving pleasure ” from the German “ Freude am Fahren ”.

For the British, the motto is: “The Ultimate Driving Machine”.

Most of the cars are assembled at factories in Germany. Interesting fact: At the beginning of its founding, BMW released an engine for an aircraft, which as a result set a record, rising to an altitude of almost 10,000 meters.

Today the brand has an impeccable reputation, the cars produced are considered one of the most reliable vehicles, the developers assure that the work of the car is aimed at the comfort of the driver. In the presented section, you can find all the necessary information about brand new products with available trim levels.

We will tell you about the price, about the features of the appearance and technical characteristics. You can also learn a lot of interesting things from the reviews of real customers.

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