Best Minivan Family Cars Under 7000

Best Used Minivan And Family Cars Under $7000

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By Scott Matthew

There is no more functional and family type of body than a minivan. Even 10 years ago, almost every self-respecting manufacturer had in its offer at least one minivan, most often compact. What are the best used minivans out there? Check the reviews in this article.

Best Minivan Family Cars Under 7000

There were also city models with increased transport possibilities (eg Renault Modus) and “traditional” large vans that could comfortably carry 7-8 people. While the latter still have an established position in the model range, urban and compact minivans are quickly disappearing from the price lists, being replaced by SUVs and crossovers.

Some models remain on offer under their old names, but already designed according to current trends, such as Renault Scenic and Espacethey are now crossovers and their greatest advantage, which is spaciousness, suffered. A small part of them can still be bought in showrooms, incl. Volkswagen Touran and Citroen C4 Spacetourer .

What are the benefits of buying a minivan?

The minivan body has many benefits for the user. Compact minivans are usually around 4.5 meters long , which is less than mid-range cars. This also allows for convenient maneuvering around the city, which is additionally supported by excellent glazing and an elevated position behind the wheel.

Most minivans have three separate seats in the rear, which can be folded, moved or the backrest adjusted separately. The frequent lack of a central tunnel increases the comfort of a third person ride. There is no shortage of functional solutions, such as the ubiquitous storage compartments and cup holders as well as tables in the backrests.

In the mostly spacious and regular luggage compartment, two additional seats could optionally be placed (some models were standard), but from experience it is worth using them only in emergency. However, there is no shortage of people willing to buy 7-seater compact minivans and they sell better than the 5-seater varieties, even if it results in a reduced luggage space.

Best Used Minivans & Family Car Under $7000

  • Chevrolet Orlando
  • Citroen Grand C4 Picasso
  • Ford Grand C-Max
  • Mazda 5
  • Opel Zafira
  • Peugeot 5008
  • Renault Grand Scenic
  • Seat Altea XL
  • Toyota Verso
  • Volkswagen Touran

Chevrolet Orlando

By far the longest minivan in this comparison – 465 cm long and 276 cm wheelbase make an impression in this class. Orlando is also the only featured car that can carry 7 people comfortably.

However, it stands out from the rivals in the level of finish inside and a traditional couch in the back: separate seats are much better for minivans. In better versions (LT, LTZ) you can count on surprisingly good equipment, the cheapest ones (LS, we will recognize it by the black handles) may not even have air conditioning.

Chevrolet offered in Orlando only two gasoline engines: 1.8 and 1.4 Turbo . Both generate 140 HP and you could buy them with a factory gas installation (valve seats were reinforced on 1.8 LPG). Diesel has a capacity of 2 liters and two power versions: 130 and 163 hp.

If we plan to drive in the city, let’s set aside some money to regenerate the DPF filter or turbocharger. In any Orlando, the manual transmission “gave up” fairly early. There are predominantly corosion centers on the tailgate.

  • Years of production: 2010-2018
  • Prices: From $6500
  • For $6500 you can buy year: 2010-2012

Citroen Grand C4 Picasso

The assumed budget will allow the purchase of the C4 Picasso after facelift (2009), but still with a high mileage (often 200,000 km). You can choose from good offers up to $5200. Citroen has created a perfectly perfect minivan: big inside, full of interesting solutions and attractively styled.

The extended Grand version is distinguished by a vertically extending rear window. Under the hatch there is a 576-liter trunk (in the “short”: 500 liters) and two fold-flat seats: there is not as much space there as in Orlando, but the situation is still acceptable.

Given the overall durability of this model, things are not so rosy. A common problem in the C4 Picasso is the electrics : lighting breaks, voltage regulator, electric handbrake. The safest choice when it comes to engines will be the 2.0 HDi or the old 1.8 16V and 2.0 16V LPG engines.

Each of the 1.6 units offered here has its weak point. VTi / THP burns oil and has a troublesome chain timing, in the 1.6 HDi, in turn, there are also problems with turbochargers. Besides, the base diesels are simply too weak to power this nearly 4.6-meter minivan.

  • Years of production: 2006-2013
  • Prices: From $2600
  • For $6600 you can buy year: 2011-2012

Ford Grand C-Max

The production of the Ford C-Max is just coming to an end: the successor, if it appears, will certainly no longer be a minivan. This fact will certainly drive the prices of used cars down, because in the assumed budget we can oscillate in the oldest cars for now.

Like the Citroen C4 Picasso, there were two versions to choose from: the standard C-Max and the extended Grand C-Max. The curiosities of this model include sliding rear doors on both sides and unusual equipment, such as a heated windshield. Cockpit: full of buttons and well assembled.

Ford C-Max / Grand C-Max was available from the beginning with new engines from the EcoBoost family. Initially, it was 1.6 EB , later they were replaced by 1.5 EB with similar parameters. The naturally aspirated 1.6 Ti-VCT petrol engines were replaced by the new 1.0 EcoBoost. Despite their initial fears, they handle the C-Max quite well, although, of course, a powerful turbo diesel is much better for a seven-seat minivan.

We recommend 2.0 TDCi, and 1.6 TDCi is enough for a “short” C-Max. Watch out for the Powershift dual-clutch transmissions with a risk of failure. Other glitches? Worn shock absorbers and damaged chassis components – the effect of low ground clearance.

  • Years of production: from 2010
  • Prices: From $5000
  • For $6500 you can buy year: 2011-2012

Mazda 5

The Mazda compact minivan is distinguished, like the Ford, by the sliding side doors on both sides and a narrow middle seat in the second row, which makes Mazda 5 a rather 6-seater car. This statement is also exaggerated, because only children will sit on additional seats in the trunk. The production of the “Five” ended in 2015 without introducing the successor.

The second generation of Mazda 5 lacked a powerful turbo diesel. On the one hand, this is good, because the problematic 2.0 MZR-CD engines are gone. On the other – bad, because the only diesel, 1.6 MZ-CD, generates only 115 HP. It is a redesigned Ford unit, also used in the previously described C-Max. In it, attention should be paid to providing conditions for periodic burnout of the particulate filter.

Another common problem: leaking injector washers. Gasoline engines do not tolerate LPG very much (2.0 has direct fuel injection ). Despite the relatively young age of the Mazda 5, point corrosion is slowly starting to attack. It is worth considering preserving the chassis.

  • Years of production: 2010-2015
  • Prices: From $5700
  • For $6500 you can buy year: 2011-2012

Opel Zafira

The Zafira engines can generally be recommended, although they are not without their drawbacks. Typically for Opel from this period, they struggle with stuck EGR valves and problematic diesel particulate filters (optional on diesels).

The age and mileage of many Zafira leave their mark on the condition of turbochargers and dual mass flywheels. Gasoline units can be powered with gas provided hydraulic valve lash compensation is present. Unfortunately, they are not free from excessive oil consumption (even 1L / 1000 km).

  • Years of production: 2005-2014
  • Prices: From $2100
  • For $6500 you can buy year: 2009-2010

Peugeot 5008

A proposal for people expecting something more than spaciousness from a minivan. The Peugeot 5008 looks decent (also inside), can carry 7 people comfortably, and has exceptionally successful diesel engines. The range is opened by a too weak 1.6 HDi: the optimum is 2.0 HDi, preferably in combination with a manual gearbox.

A Peugeot minivan configured in this way should not cause any mechanical problems. Avoid taking oil from THP engines with a non-permanent timing chain: the red light should come on after seeing the much lower prices of the 5008 gasoline, and there are definitely less of them than the diesels.

The list of Peugeot 5008 equipment does not lack curiosities such as a head-up display or an electric handbrake. Unfortunately, the on-board electronics like to “live their lives”: users complain about hanging navigation or problems with the radio. In addition, in intensively used vehicles the suspension knocks and it is necessary to replace the brake discs frequently.

  • Years of production: 2009-2016
  • Prices: From $4600
  • For $6500 you can buy year: 2010-2011

Renault Grand Scenic

The first two generations of Renault Scenica were groundbreaking in their own right. The third incarnation is simply correct, if not to say – a successful minivan, not distinguished by anything special from its competitors. Again, two versions (Scenic and Grand Scenic) differ in length and wheelbase.

The Scenica engine range consists of naturally aspirated petrol units (1.6 and 2.0), turbocharged petrol units (1.2 TCe and 1.4 TCe) and a full range of diesels: from the old and not-so-recommended 1.5 / 1.9 dCi to the modern, durable and dynamic 1.6 / 2.0 dCi.

We advise you to look for the latter: in the budget of $6500 you can already “hunt” Scenica 1.6 dCi after the first facelift from 2012 (the second: a year later). It will be a more sensible choice than 1.5 / 1.9 dCi, because even after many corrections they can hardly be called completely failure-free. Gasoline Scenics accept LPG, except for 1.2 TCe (direct fuel injection) introduced in 2012.

  • Years of production: 2009-2017
  • Prices: From $4600
  • For $6500 you can buy year: 2010-2012

Seat Altea XL

Seat Altea XL is 19 cm long in relation to the “regular” Altea. The wheelbase remained the same: 257 cm. This is not much for a compact minivan, and perhaps this is one of the reasons Seat decided not to produce the Altea XL in a seven-seater variant. In return, the user receives a spacious and deep luggage compartment with a capacity of 532 l.

The Altea is a bit out of its rivals in terms of practicality (it does not even have a sliding couch), but the design can be undoubtedly considered its strong point.

Unfortunately, the Seat Altea was produced at a time when the Volkswagen concern was struggling with numerous failures of its TSI and TDI engines. The first of them consumed huge amounts of oil (the prescription may be to replace the rings), in the 2.0 TDI, in turn, the heads broke and the unit injectors failed.

The engines have been improved over the years and the 2.0 TDI with common rail (from 2009) is recommendable , as is the 1.6 TDI introduced at that time . If you want a petrol Altea, you have two options: look for a durable but sluggish 1.6 8V, or look for a TSI from a younger age or with a documented repair.

  • Years of production: 2006-2015
  • Prices: From $3400
  • For $6500 you can buy year: 2010-2011

Toyota Verso

The Toyota Verso has replaced three minivans produced so far: the Yaris Verso, Corolla Verso and Avensis Verso. The model was to combine the advantages of all three in one: it was only partially successful, because the Verso actually in a fairly small body (444 cm long) provides a huge amount of space, but only for 5 people.

The driving conditions on the 6th and 7th seats are extreme, unless the second row seat is moved forward or the backrest tilts down. The quality of workmanship of the Toyota minivan is disappointing: the plastics are quickly scratched not only in the cockpit, but also in the trunk.

Toyota Verso with diesel engines prevail in the aftermarket. They are also cheaper. Reason: not the best reviews about them. Potential buyers try to avoid the early 2.0 D-4D and all 2.2 D-4Ds, as there is a risk of microcracking on the engine block (the result: loss of coolant), and in the 2.2 D-CAT there are also problems with the soot filter.

After the facelift, a revised 2.0 D-4D with 124 HP appeared, as well as a diesel from BMW (1.6 D-4D / 112 HP). Valvematic gasoline engines are recommendable for durability, although they only provide average performance.

  • Years of production: 2009-2018
  • Prices: From $5700
  • For $6500 you can buy year: 2009-2010

Volkswagen Touran

The first incarnation of the Touran was produced for 12 years, in the meantime carrying out two significant upgrades to the front of the body. Volkswagen also juggled engines used in different years. Initially, the gasoline range included the good old 1.6 8V and 1.6 / 2.0 FSI, then the era of 1.4 TSI units came and problems with the supercharging system and chain timing (1.4 TSI Twincharger) began.

The newer varieties, produced since 2010, are considered more durable. Touran with diesel? Either early 1.9 TDI (up to 2005) or newer with revised 2.0 TDI CR or 1.6 TDI units.

Volkswagen Touran is not the largest car in this list, but it is safe to say that it is one of the most spacious – all thanks to the body with simple shapes. There is no shortage of a well-thought-out folding system for armchairs and amenities for the family.

You can count on high quality interior assembly and good overall durability. The key issue is choosing the right engine and preferably a manual gearbox ( DSGs often require intervention at high mileage).

  • Years of production: 2003-2015
  • Prices: From $2100
  • For $6500 you can buy year: 2008-2009


About 10 years ago there was a real flood of new models and the next generation of minivans already produced. They did not cost little back then, but today a used minivan from around 2010 can be bought for up to $7000.

Some of the youngest cars, such as the Chevrolet Orlando, cost more, so we adopted a budget of $7000. Thats the 10 most popular second-hand compact minivans.

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