20 Best 7-Seater SUV: Comfortable, Reliable and Economical

Thankfully, the ubiquitous twilight of minivans doesn’t mean that people looking for a 7-seater car will have limited options. Fortunately, the seven-seat also offers several SUVs. It is generally believed that most cars with extra seats are vans.

This is true, but keep in mind that the SUV fashion which is still gaining momentum has seen more and more 7-seater models of this type appear on the market.

How many customers, so many requirements and tastes. Some people definitely have sliding doors, others cannot imagine their life without four-wheel drive. Some people like automatic transmission. There are also those who consider a large panoramic sunroof to provide entertainment for the rear seat as the most important element of a family car.

7-Seater SUV or Minivan: What to choose?

SUVs can be practically practical, but practicality is still the domain of minivans. They are also usually more family cars, created to ensure comfort and safety of the trip, and not to impress with powerful engines and performance. Importantly, some minivans also have sliding rear doors, which make it easier to get in and load larger pieces of luggage.

Below you’ll find a list of the 7-seater cars currently available, offering plenty of room for you and your loved ones. How big? I invite you to review the next version of the 7-seater model available in the market.

Here’s a list of The Best 7-Seater SUVs

1. BMW 2 Gran Tourer

7-Seater SUV BMW 2 Gran Tourer

The Series 2 Gran Tourer is the result of the Bavarian company’s successful attempt to enter the minivan market. BMW Vice President Peter Henrich himself admits that the model does a great job for his company and attracts a lot of new customers.

However, he also admits that the minivan class doesn’t suit BMW’s character. Therefore, the company will try to encourage customers to buy a (more expensive) SUV. What kind? As an example…

2. BMW X5

7-Seater SUV BMW X5

The BMW X5 is an SUV that stands out from the competition with its excellent road behavior. Despite its weight and size, the X5 handles more like a sports sedan.

Other than that, it’s a family car that offers great quality and plenty of space, a large trunk and of course two extra seats.

3. Citroen C4 Grand Picasso

7-Seater SUV Citroen C4 Grand Picasso

The largest version of the C4 Picasso, the Grand Picasso, is one of the most popular compact minivans on the used car market. It has a cozy and bright interior (designers did not waste glass), enough space for small items, comfortable chairs and will move perfectly on the road.

A big plus: on the C4 Gran Picasso you will find an ISOFIX mount that allows you to attach up to 3 child seats.

4. Ford S-Max

7-Seater SUV Ford S-Max

The Ford S-Max is a large 7-seater van with a distinctive curve on the roof, which gives it a bit of a sporty character.

What may be liked on the outside can cause discomfort on the inside due to the shape of the roof mentioned above, people occupying the back row seats have limited headroom, and the luggage compartment capacity is also smaller compared to other minivans.

5. Ford Grand C-Max

7-Seater SUV Ford Grand C-Max

Like the larger S-Max, the Grand C-Max is a minivan that is fun to drive on the road. A variety of small and modern engines ensure a lively and fuel-efficient ride.

As with the S-Max, the third-row seats are unlikely to please some, especially given the limited knee and headroom.

6. Land Rover Discovery

7-Seater SUV Land Rover Discovery

The Land Rover Discovery continues to be one of the best SUVs for adventurers. The Land Rover Discovery is a choice that will satisfy you if you are looking for a 4-wheel drive model with seating for 7 people, or if you have children who like off-road travel. This model may not have the premium finish inside like in Audi or Mercedes.

7. Nissan Qashqai+2

7-Seater SUV Nissan Qashqai+2

The Nissan Quashqai was the best-selling model of 2019 among all the seven-seater cars on the market. The Qashqai is a practical and economical version of the family car, which is available in the market in 5-seater and 7-seater versions.

If you are looking for 7 Seater then Qashqai+2 is what you need. Without a doubt, it is a car with one of the best value for money.

8. Volkswagen Touran

7-Seater SUV Volkswagen Touran

The Volkswagen Touran is a seven-seater minivan characterized by quality construction, comfortable seating and an economical engine. Thanks to the sliding seats in the middle row, it’s easy to create extra space for people sitting in the back row or for extra luggage.

9. Volkswagen Sharan

7-Seater SUV Volkswagen Sharan

Do you need a car with as much cabin space as possible? Few can compete with the Volkswagen Sharan and its over 950 liter luggage compartment (in the 300 liter version with the rear row seats folded). This minivan from the German company has 7 seats, a large trunk and sliding doors for easy access to the rear of the car.

This is actually a minibus that you will love for its high functionality. In addition, it is equipped with the famous TSI engine, which means it consumes less fuel, and offers adequate performance for a pleasant ride.

10. Volvo XC90

7-Seater SUV Volvo XC90

You’re looking to buy a large and modern high-end SUV you may be looking at the Volvo XC90 with interest. This is a very safe and well-made model, with seven comfortable seats, an economical engine, and an unrivaled design.

11. Audi Q7

7-Seater SUV Audi Q7

Audi Q7 a premium powerhouse. Big, fast, powerful and prestigious: these are the terms that come to mind when talking about the Audi Q7. This is all true, but other than that, the Q-seven is very practical. Note: Extra seats are optional on this model. It is popular, but it is worth making sure that the first owner has selected it before buying. This also applies to most of the other models from this review.

12. BMW X7

7-Seater SUV BMW X7

The BMW X7 and its signature air intake. For those for whom the X5 is too small, the enormous X7 has appeared in the brand’s offerings. This is a new model, but used ones are slowly appearing on the market. Under the hood: at least six cylinders and a petrol V8. On the plus side: great comfort. Unfortunately, that comes at a great price.

13. Chevrolet Orlando

7-Seater SUV Chevrolet Orlando

The Chevrolet Orlando is a cheaper option for a 7 seater. It’s time for something cheaper! The Orlando convinces with a wide range of engines, from the “petrol” 1.4 turbo, which can be easily converted to LPG (there are also examples with factory installations), to over 160 HP 2.0 diesel. Inside the package: lots of space inside, not too expensive portions and a bit of American vibe.

14. Dacia Lodgy

7-Seater SUV Dacia Lodgy

The king of the price-size ratio? Dacia Lodgy. Are you looking for a new seven seater car on a reasonable budget? This is Dacia Lodgy. If you forgive mediocre build quality and “smooth” performance, you’ll be happy. Here is one of the favorite models of taxi drivers. Since the Dacia replaces the honest “Barrel”, it probably shows its reliability.

15. Fiat Freemont

7-Seater SUV Fiat Freemont

The Fiat Freemont is equipped with an engine capacity of up to 3.6 liters!
Since I mentioned America’s climate earlier, it’s time for a Fiat. This isn’t a mistake: Freemont is technically the twin of Dodge Journey. It might even have a 3.6 “Yankee” engine, though most of them have a two-liter diesel. An attractive and slightly underrated model, it stands halfway between an SUV and a van.

16. Ford Galaxy

7-Seater SUV Ford Galaxy

Ford Galaxy is perfect for holidays. The S-Max was a real hit on the market, but when looking for a car like that, it’s also worth remembering about the Galaxy. In the Ford S-Max lineup, this car has to be a bit “sporty” and driver-oriented, and the Galaxy is a quieter style with a roofline that’s less sloping, this is a more family car. Both models have powerful, proven engines, plus: they drive really well.

17. Hyundai Santa Fe

7-Seater SUV Hyundai Santa Fe

The Hyundai Santa Fe is a great example that Koreans can make good cars! It’s time to make a bid for lovers of big SUVs, who, however, don’t want to spend as much on a car as you have to pay, for example, for the Audi Q7. The Hyundai Santa Fe is a comfortable family car that lets you feel confident on rough and muddy roads. In the range of engines, the most powerful 2.2 diesel is indeed tempting. Worth paying extra if one really needs more torque. Santa Fe regularly wins European competitions for best trailer towing vehicle.

18. Opel Zafira

7-Seater SUV Opel Zafira

Zafira is a very popular MPV. Successful appearance, wide range of engines and great popularity, guarantee the availability of good spare parts: this is the Opel Zafira in a nutshell. It’s a shame this car doesn’t have a direct successor.

19. Peugeot 5008

7-Seater SUV Peugeot 5008

Peugeot is famous for its good engine and lots of storage space. The latest 5008 is an SUV, while the previous one is more like a van. Customers appreciate this car not only for the large amount in the interior and trunk, but also for the driving comfort. The 1.6 HDI diesel can be quite economical, but if one often goes out for a ride at full load, it is better to look for the 2.0 HDI version.

20. Renault Espace

7-Seater SUV Renault Espace

Espace has gone from a classic MPV to a crossover of sorts, we love that kind of change!
The new Espace is one of the best-looking models in its segment, but which one is it? Theoretically, the Espace has always been a van, but the current generation has increased ground clearance, SUV-style. Is it better to choose this model with a gasoline engine (even 225 HP from the 1.8 TCE engine) or with a diesel engine? A matter of taste and need. But the design will appeal to everyone.


The 7-seater car is the ideal solution, providing enough space for the whole family and their luggage. Such a family doesn’t have to count seven souls the seven-seat model has a longer wheelbase and therefore offers plenty of room.

And anyone who has packed a long journey knows that even 3-4 people can make up an almost unlimited amount of luggage. Typically, new seven-seater cars are more expensive than their five-seater counterparts. Therefore, this type of used car will be the best choice.

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