Bad Throttle Body Symptoms And Repair Cost

The throttle is an important element of the engine in a gasoline car. What part does this vehicle go through? Find out what the symptoms of failure are and read how to check the throttle. Be your vehicle mechanic!

Bad Throttle Body Symptoms Repair Cost

As the name suggests, throttle is closely related to transit control. But what? Read our text and learn more about this mechanism. How do exhaust gases work? What are some troubling symptoms that mark the damage? How much does it cost to fix it? We’re going to answer all of these questions, so if you want to know more, start reading!

What is a throttle body?

Throttle is a type of butterfly valve that regulates airflow as the disc rotates around its axis. The movement of the vane inside ensures that the media inside is further fed in the right amount.

In the case of automotive engines, the throttle is often a stand-alone component. It was already used in steam locomotives, so this is by no means a modern invention. Currently it can also be found for example on aircraft engines. It is one of the basic parts of a motor vehicle.

What does a throttle body spacer do?

The throttle of the car is responsible for regulating the amount of air supplied to the cylinders. Therefore its work mainly affects the acceleration of the car. This can usually be found in the inlet after the air filter.

Importantly, it is usually attached to the pedal with metal wires and springs. When the latter is pressed, it opens wider. Thanks to this, the rotation increases, and accordingly – the engine power increases. Therefore, the throttle is very important for the proper acceleration of the car.

Throttle Body Problems

Most often, the dirt remaining on this part of the engine is responsible for problems with this part of the engine. Other common sources of failure include a cork motor or sensor problem. However, it is dirt that causes the wrong amount of fuel to enter the engine.

This can translate into serious problems with the car’s acceleration. So you have to control the state of this element. Of course, accumulation of dirt is unavoidable, but if there is too much dirt, you will feel the consequences while driving.

The most common symptoms

A malfunctioning throttle can manifest itself with a number of characteristic symptoms that you should not ignore. This in particular:

  1. Uneven machine operation
  2. Jerking while driving
  3. The engine turns off even when it’s idle

If the engine doesn’t run smoothly, it’s a sign that not enough air is getting in there. If you feel jerks while driving, it’s a good idea to stop and check that the whole vehicle is running smoothly.

Your car breaks down even at idle? This can also be a typical symptom of a malfunctioning throttle. You definitely don’t want to damage your vehicle. So what to do? If such symptoms occur, contact your mechanic immediately or have it repaired yourself.

Unclear Symptoms?

The seeds of throttle problems don’t always appear in obvious symptoms. If something bad starts to happen to it, your car’s fuel economy may improve at first. For this reason, it is always a good idea to monitor the average fuel consumption on a given route.

You can even write it down in a notebook so you can compare data and find car faults quickly. The throttle can also be in poor condition if you have trouble starting your car at certain times. However, these symptoms can also indicate other malfunctions, so be careful.

How much does a throttle body replacement cost?

If you just want to clean the throttle at a mechanic, you’ll pay $30-$50 (cost depends on the workshop chosen). However, determining the replacement price is more difficult because each car model is different, so the costs are also different.

However, it is worth noting the fact that usually this part does not need to be replaced. However, if it could not be avoided, the number would become quite significant. Sometimes you have to spend more than $300 dollars on new parts, and also pay for labor costs.


A car throttle is an engine element without which it is difficult to accelerate effectively. If you notice any of the symptoms we listed, don’t underestimate the problem. You can clearly see that cleaning the throttle is much cheaper than replacing it. Therefore, it is useless to lead to extreme situations, because it will affect not only your car, but also your wallet.


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