Most Common 3.2 Volvo B6324S Engine Problems

The B6324S is a naturally aspirated gasoline ICE produced from 2006 to 2014. It was installed on such models from the Swedish automaker Volvo as the S80, XC60, XC70 and XC90.

Engine Description and Main Features

The structure of the B6324S is an in-line 6-cylinder engine with an exact displacement of 3192 cm3. Both the block and its head are made of aluminum here. And the number of valves here is 24 (4 per cylinder).

The B6324S engine is equipped with multipoint injection and timing with two camshafts. By the way, a chain is used as a drive for this mechanism (which is generally uncharacteristic for Volvo engines – usually they still use a belt). It is also worth noting that this internal combustion engine has hydraulic compensators and phase shifters.

The basic version of the B6324S has a power of 238 hp. However, there are three more versions of this engine, and they have a slightly different power: B6324S5 develops 243 hp, B6324S4 – 233 hp, B6324S2 – 228 hp.

As for the consumption of gasoline, in this case it ranges from 9.8 to 12.1 liters per 100 km.

Applicability of B6324S engine

  • Volvo : S80 (2006-2010), V70 (2007-2010), XC60 (2009-2010), XC70 (2007-2010), XC90 (2006-2010)
B6324S Specifications
Volume (cm3)3192 cm³
Power (hp)238 HP
Torque320 Nm
Timing driveChain
Environmental classEuro 4
Fuel typeGasoline AI-92
ICE featuresVIS, CPS
Supply systemInjector
hydraulic liftersYes
Cylinder blockAluminum R6
cylinder headaluminum 24v
Cylinder diameter84 mm
Stroke96 mm
Compression ratio10.8
Phase regulatorVCT
Engine oil7.7 l. 5W-30
Average resource350 000 km

B6324S Engine Modifications

The engine has three versions:

  • B6324S5 – produced since 2009, power is 243 hp.;
  • B6324S4 – 233-horsepower unit, produced for only one year (2010-2011);
  • B6324S2 – produced from 2009 to 2010, developed 228 hp..
Engine volume, cc3192319231923192
Maximum power, hp235 – 238225230240 – 243
Maximum torque, N * m (kg * m) at rpm.320 (33) / 3200300 (31) / 3400300 (31) / 3300320 (33) / 3200
Fuel usedGasoline Premium (AI-98), Gasoline AI-95Gasoline AI-95Gasoline AI-95Gasoline AI-95
Fuel consumption, l/100 km10.2 – 12.18,78,78.9 – 9.4
engine’s typeIn-line, 6-cylinderIn-line, 6-cylinder, multipoint injectionIn-line, 6-cylinder, multipoint injectionIn-line, 6-cylinder, injector
CO2 emissions, g/km265 – 289208208208 – 219
Cylinder diameter, mm84848484
Number of valves per cylinder4444
Maximum power, hp (kW) at rpm235 (173) / 6200; 238 (175) / 6200225 (165) / 6200230 (169) / 6500240 (177) / 6400; 243 (179) / 6400
Compression ratio10,810,810,810,8
Piston stroke, mm96969696

Disadvantages and Problems of the B6324S engine

If there were some sores on the early versions of the B6324S, then on later versions they almost completely disappeared. However, on used engines, you can often encounter malfunctions of this nature:

  • oil leakage through the crankcase ventilation oil separator;
  • breakdown of the catalyst at around 90-100 thousand km;
  • antifreeze getting on the generator – a leak is caused by the relaxation of the cooling system connections;
  • failure of the oil pump – a popular sore of units manufactured before 2009;
  • unstable operation of the Aisin Warner box off-road or while carrying heavy loads on a trailer;
  • errors of the control unit, which is very sensitive to moisture.

This is where the problems with the B6324S end. With timely maintenance, oil change and other consumables, the resource of the unit easily overcomes 200 thousand km. For atmospherics, this, in principle, is not so much, because naturally aspirated Volvo engines are considered one of the most reliable in the world.

On some B6324S engines, there may be a problem with the cooling circuit – it may lose its tightness. This leads to the fact that antifreeze begins to fall on the generator.

Also, seals can develop on the vacuum pump of the B6324S engine over the years and with increasing mileage. If this problem is detected, it is necessary to disassemble the pump as soon as possible and replace the fittings and gaskets in it. This will extend the life of this part.

In addition, the gears of the timing gear can wear out relatively quickly here, as a result of which extraneous sounds will begin to be emitted from the motor. To eliminate this problem, it is necessary to install new gears.

Tuning prospects

The power of the B6324S engine can be raised by flashing (that is, making changes to the software) up to 266 hp, and the torque will increase from 320 to 355 Nm. And in general, the dynamics of the car after such a procedure will improve markedly.

Sometimes drivers of cars with a B6324S engine are faced with the fact that the catalyst starts to work incorrectly or does not perform its functions at all. For such drivers, tuning masters can also offer a solution – turn off and remove the catalyst, and replace it with a hollow downpipe. This will ultimately give the engine more power.

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