Aluminum Rims: How to Care it?

Aluminum rims perform several functions, but for us, aesthetic function is the most important. Apart from aesthetics, the rim also has a ventilation function. They increase the efficiency of the braking system by cooling the bearings and discs. However, this is just out of curiosity, because today’s topic is different.

When deciding on a new rim, we do it mainly because of its appearance. Rims and tires are the same for cars as shoes are for us. Unfortunately, rims can be exposed to all kinds of dirt, so it is necessary to take care of them regularly so that they always attract the attention of others. This is real car jewelry!

How to protect aluminum rims?

If we want our rims to always look good and maintain their great appearance for a long time, we need to take care of them regularly. Rims are exposed to a lot of dirt, such as brake lining dust, road salt, tar and sand. Waiting a long time to clean it can result in the fact that the dirt eventually becomes impossible to clean and you have to buy a new set.

Rims can also be damaged by chemicals that can be used in automatic car washes. The most important thing to note is that cleaning agents are acid based and can permanently damage the rims. That is why it is important to regularly wash, coat and polish aluminum rims, which will allow us to enjoy their flawless appearance for a long time.

The best way to protect your rims is to wax them. It’s best to do it before installing it, this way our rims will be protected from the start. The wax protection will effectively protect the rim from accumulation of dust and dirt on it.

In addition, it will make it easier for us to clean the aluminum rim at the final stage of its use. It is recommended to wax regularly every 2-3 months. Before each waxing, the rim must be thoroughly washed and dried. Only after such a procedure can you start applying wax.

How to wash aluminum rims?

Rims should also be washed regularly. There are many products for their treatment on the market. If you decide to buy a product, remember to use a sponge and a soft cloth when washing. This way you will avoid scratching the paint, which can cause further damage.

Before using any cleaning agents, wash the rims with water to remove grit and other debris that could also scratch the surface. Then the preparation is applied, which must be washed off with a sponge after a certain period of time and the rim must be rinsed again.

If we want to give the rims a better look, we can also polish them and, of course, apply wax. It is worth following the recommendations contained in the preparation for rim cleaning to avoid possible damage.

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