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Alpine is a French sports car manufacturer with a long and, at the same time, young history. Its long history begins in 1955. Jean Rédélé, a garage owner from Dieppe, is successful in post-war racing as well as with Renault 4CVs. In an attempt to build a lighter racing car, Rédélé is experimenting with aluminum bodies. In 1955, this resulted in the Alpine A106, Rédélé’s first private sports car with Renault technology. The name Alpine comes from the Coupe des Alpes, a rally in which Rédélé achieved many successes.

Alpine rallying

The brand quickly manages to establish itself as a sports car manufacturer. In 1962, Alpines are produced in Brazil as well as in Dieppe. In the meantime, we are already ready for the second model of the brand, the A108. Successor A110 has achieved legendary status, thanks in part to many successes in rallying.

Cooperation Alpine and Renault

In the oil crisis of 1973, Alpine had a hard time, but it managed to survive thanks to takeover by Renault. Obviously, the takeover also means a more intimate collaboration: Alpine, for example, is building its own sports version of the Renault 5. Over the years, racing has shifted more to the background and the focus shifts more towards street models. Larger models such as the A310 and A610 will follow. The Sport Spider was produced for Renault in the early 1990s. The Clio Williams is also built by Alpine. In contrast, the Alpine 610 produced until 1995 is the brand’s last in-house sports car …

The ‘Alpine factory’ continues to produce Renault sports models. In 2007, the Renault PR department announced that the brand wants to introduce a real sports car again and probably wants to use the Alpine name again. There were plans for a sports car on the platform of the Nissan GT-R. Due to the economic crisis, the rebirth of the Alpine is being postponed, but in 2012 there will be the Renault Alpine A110-50 Concept. In 2017, the production Alpine is finally ready – the A110 – and Alpine is once again positioned as an ‘independent’ brand.

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