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The Chinese Aiyways was founded in 2017 and is part of the SAIC Group, a major player in the Chinese automotive industry. In addition, it is the car manufacturer with the longest history within China. The letters stand for Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation. Today SAIC has a large joint venture with Volkswagen and has links with General Motors. Major own brands are the MG, taken over from the British, and the Roewe brand, which was created from the remains of Rover.

The first car to present the Aiways brand was developed in collaboration with Roland Gumpert (of the sports car brand of the same name): the RG Nathalie. That is an 817 hp two-seat sports coupé, with electric drive supported by – very striking – an ethanol fuel cell. The Nathalie will be produced in a limited edition of 500 pieces.

A more relevant model is the U5, a completely proprietary development of the brand, which, incidentally, employs many well-known names from the global car industry. The U5 is the first car to be sold under the Aiways brand name. It is a fully electrically powered SUV, for which the brand has serious sales plans in Europe.

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