6.7 PowerStroke Diesel Reviews Full Specs, Problems & Reliability

6.7L PowerStroke Diesel Engine is designed and developed by Ford that carries a diesel engine. Ford firstly introduced the diesel engine in 2010. With its nickname that is Scorpion, this engine stings your attention with its turbocharger configuration.

Since the diesel engine launched in 2010, it seems that Ford is ready to answer the challenge to produce a strong engine performer. With the family of Power Stroke, Ford acknowledged as a cold-hand company of powerful engines. What can this 6.7 PowerStroke Engine provide you? You’d better read this article carefully.

6.7 PowerStroke Problems

6.7L PowerStroke Reviews

This engine is well-known as a diesel engine with a turbocharger. It uses a technology that is to meet the stringent NOx emission standards that are called SCR technology.

6.7L PowerStroke Engine equipped with an advanced high-pressure fuel system that includes 30,000 psi rail pressure and Piezo fuel injectors. Its dual boost variable geometry turbo can provide a lot of torque at low speeds of the engine. This double boost is also to give a lot of power.

For all diesel trucks that built after 2010, Ford employs the technology above to fulfill the expectation of customers that want the powerful vehicles for their daily activity needs. The

6.7L PowerStroke Engine installed in F250, F350, and the various models of F450. Moreover, because of the technology applied in this engine, this V8 Power Stroke Engine can generate 440 horsepower at 2800 rpm.

6.7L PowerStroke Specifications

  • The 6.7L PowerStroke Engine offers a block that made of compacted graphite iron (CGI). It gets its popularity due to the use of it in diesel engines that can increase the strength of the engine with lighter weight. This lighter weight compared to the conventional cast-iron blocks that used for the before-2010 diesel engine. For the first time, this material commercially used for the brake discs on the trains.
  • The head of the block made of aluminum that is purposively used to reduce the engine weight. The ford engine equipped with two intake valvetrain and two exhaust overhead valves (OVH) for its every cylinder.
  • It’s every valve has a rocker arm and a pushrod that can produce a more silent valvetrain operation in which each rocker. That has its pushrod can reduce side loading. Moreover, it decreases the pivot wear on its rocker arm. The cylinders completed with a bore that the size is 3.9 inches with the size of stroke 4.25 inches.
  • During it’s first launched, this engine served 390 hp, but it was jumped up to 400 hp during the third quarter in the same year that was 2010. In 2015, this engine offered 860 lb-ft of torque at 1600 rpm until this year. The engine’s volume is about 6.7 L or 409 cubic inches that is more common for the traditional dimensions in America.
  • The camshaft of the 6.7L PowerStroke Engine locates in the block, which applies a traditional strategy of the pushrod. This diesel technology used in the 6.7L Power Stroke Engine that is turbocharger in the engine valley and CGI blocks pushes the limits of the diesel engine to progress by bounds and leaps.
  • This engine has an engine oil capacity into 12.3 L or 13 qt with 1-3-7-2-6-5-4-8 firing order. The compression ratio is 16.2: 1, which considered as the lowest that the Power Stroke engine can offer. Its displacement is 409 cu in or 6702 cc. The exhaust manifold of a 6.7 PowerStroke Engine mounted between the cylinder heads that are above the engine block.
  • It has a reverse-flow head that takes in the air through the valve covers and delivers the gases of exhaust to the exhaust manifolds that located in the filter valley. The intake of the 6.7 PowerStroke Engine serves power without upgraded injectors.

6.7 PowerStroke Problems & Reliability

For the air displacement that can be faster and obtaining more power, Ford places the inboard configuration that allows the turbocharger to be located closer to the exhaust manifold.

6.7 PowerStroke Reliability

  • This 6.7 PowerStroke Engine may face few problems during its use. One of the common problems is the turbo failure that can be met in the engine.
  • The link of rods is known weak. The issue of its emissions system is to come and go.
  • In the 6.7 PowerStroke Engine, the bedplate that is to secure crankshafts is not available which is there for 6.4L PowerStroke Engine.
  • To cover this weakness, Ford employs nodular iron six-bolt main caps for this engine.
  • This engine is incorporated with a driver-activated engine-exhaust brake. It maintains the exhaust of turbocharger not to flow to generate backpressure. This maintenance of the exhaust of turbocharger avoids this engine to produce a slow power vehicle.
  • Moreover, since it applies many kinds of technology to support its performance, a 6.7L PowerStroke Engine can provide a greater controlling while the users travel downhill. What is more about this engine?
  • It is the capability of reducing the lining wear, pedal pressure, and brake fade. Thanks to the installation of an engine brake that helps to minimize them. Besides, it helps to low the cost of maintenance.
  • The existence of the settings of the brake technology that is on, off, and auto setting, users can adjust this technology as they need. The auto setting allows users to maintain the speed based on the accelerator and the use of brake pedal.
  • The connecting rods of this engine can still work well to 650 to 700 rwhp. Its cast aluminum pistons are from Federal Modul.



Despite considering the problems that users may face in the next days, this engine is still considered as an excellent diesel engine that produces more power.

The fuel injection system is the change, and it allows improvements of a significant performance to replace the stereotype of the dirty diesel. 6.7 PowerStroke Engine brings success to Ford diesel Engines that can compete in the truck market.

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