Land Rover 368DT Engine

Engine Land Rover And Jaguar 368DT 3.6 TDV8

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By Scott Matthew

ICE 368DT from Jaguar, Land Rover today is a rare engine. The engine was quite uncommon, but at the same time its level of reliability confidently exceeded the closest V6 analogue. The 368DT engine uses 8 cylinders arranged in a V-shape.

368DT engine applicability

  • Range Rover 3 (L322) 2006 – 2010
  • Range Rover Sport 1 (L320) 2007 – 2010

368DT Engine Specifications:
Volume3628 cm3
Power271 – 272 HP
Torque630 – 640 Nm
Timing driveChain
Environmental classEuro 5
Fuel typeDiesel fuel
ICE featuresDOHC
Supply systemdirect injection
hydraulic liftersYes
Cylinder blockCast iron V8
cylinder headaluminum 32v
Cylinder diameter81 mm.
Stroke88 mm.
Compression ratio17.3
Phase regulatorNo
Engine oil
Average resource

Advantages, Disadvantages and Problems of the 368DT engine


  • Timing chain drive – the chain resource confidently reaches 250 thousand km;
  • Two turbines – the motor is “easier” to breathe;
  • Quick start “on a cold”;
  • A combined pumping system has been implemented;
  • Low noise.


  • Unreliability of variable geometry damper actuators – the reason is souring;
  • Unreliability of electric motors;
  • The turbine changes as an assembly.

Most Common 368DT Engine Problems

The 368DT proved to be less of a problem with the ICE. The consumables in such engines are rubber pipes from the turbines at the inlet. They are changed every 2-3 MOTs, since the rubber bands crack under load and tend to let air through. Because of this, the smooth operation of the engine is disturbed. It will not be possible to equalize the situation with the ECU settings. Moreover, the software is set to limit engine power if excess air enters the system. The “cut” of the exhaust manifold will force the body to be completely removed. The reason will be the gasket, which cannot be replaced without removing the body.

Tuning Prospects

With regard to any improvement to the 368DT, there is nowhere to roam especially. You can only change the control parameters of the system, but they require manual editing.

Also, the possibilities of tuning depend directly on the technical condition of the engine. With regular maintenance, the diesel V8 368DT will serve the owner for quite some time without any problems.

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