Land Rover 306DT Engine

Engine Land Rover And Jaguar 306DT TDV6 And SDV6

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By Scott Matthew

The 306DT internal combustion engine has established itself as an engine with an increased resource and violent temper. The diesel engine has 6 cylinders, a cast iron block and aluminum cylinder heads.

6 cylinders are arranged in a V-shape. 24 valves, 2 camshafts and timing belt drive. Naturally, the offspring of the Range Rover received a Twin-Turbo supercharging system.

306DT engine applicability

  • Land Rover : Discovery 4, Range Rover 4, Range Rover Sport (2009-2012)
  • Jaguar : XF, XJ (2010-present)

306DT Engine Specifications:
Volume2993 cm3
Power275 – 300 HP
Torque600 – 700 Nm
Timing driveBelt+2 chains
Environmental classEuro 5
Fuel typeDiesel fuel
ICE features
Supply systemdirect injection
hydraulic liftersYes
Cylinder blockCast iron V6
cylinder headaluminum 24v
Cylinder diameter84 mm.
Stroke90 mm.
Compression ratio16.1
Phase regulatorNo
Engine oil6.5 l. 10w30
Average resource

Advantages, Disadvantages and Problems of the 306DT engine


  • Reliability;
  • An impressive resource and a variety of firmware;
  • DOHC system.


  • Expensive repairs;
  • Doubtful working resource of components;
  • The timing belt is likely to fail quickly when the engine is running under heavy loads;
  • Coolant leak (factory defect).

Typical malfunctions

  • Used air filter and oil filter – power drops;
  • Crankshaft split – perhaps one of the main engine problems, which has become very widespread;
  • Wear on the connecting rod bearings of the connecting rod journals – restriction of oil flow due to a clogged / used filter;
  • Front crankshaft oil seal – incorrect fit of the oil pump from the factory;
  • At low temperatures, the crankcase ventilation line freezes;
  • Imbalance in the operation of the injectors – a direct path to overhaul, when the injectors began to supply an enriched fuel mixture. This will instantly lead to overheating of the working cylinder and even burnout of the filter.

Tuning prospects

Recoil varies between 211 and 340 forces. It all depends directly on the control unit software and the selected parameters. Also, do not forget to control the oil level and carry out its timely replacement. The 306DT engine is one of the most dynamic and opens up at medium speeds. Therefore, it is often forced only by reprogramming.

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