Land Rover TDV6 And SDV6 276DT Engine Problems And Reliability

The 276DT engine is a representative of the Range Rover brand range, which has six cylinders with a V-shaped arrangement, 4 camshafts and a return of 190 forces. The engine is pretty good, but catastrophically afraid of low-quality fuel and does not tolerate work on oil that has already become obsolete. Typical “sores” are overheating and breakage of the crankshaft.

276DT engine applicability

  • Land Rover : Discovery 4 (2009-2013), Range Rover Sport (2005-2009)

276DT Engine Specifications

Volume (cm3)2720
Power (hp)190
Torque440 Nm
Timing driveBelt+2 chains
Environmental classEuro 5
Fuel typeDT
ICE featurescommon rail
Supply systemdirect injection
hydraulic liftersYes
Cylinder blockCast iron V6
cylinder headaluminum 24v
Cylinder diameter81
Compression ratio18
Phase regulatorNo
Engine oil10w30
Average resource


Timing belt drive, two parallel variable geometry turbochargers and Resource chain: 170-200 thousand km.

It is worth noting a separate cast-iron cylinder block and an aluminum block head. It is noteworthy that the 276DT turbodiesel engine is equipped with a common rail fuel system from Siemens.

This system deserves special attention due to its high cost, since Siemens, unlike BOSCH, is significantly more expensive. Other types of sensors and calculation algorithms are used.

Disadvantages and problems of the 276DT engine


  • Connecting rod journals and liners wear out quickly;
  • The connecting rod wedges in case of oil starvation, as well as overheating;
  • Tendency to frequent dry friction, it is necessary to constantly monitor the oil level;
  • Breakage of the crankshaft (the phenomenon is not frequent, but in practice they split on the cheeks).

Typical malfunctions The 276DT

  • Engine was not so perfect. A vivid example was a frozen crankcase;
  • Ventilation breather. As soon as the breather is frozen, the pressure in the crankcase begins to rise. As a result, the front;
  • Crankshaft oil seal is squeezed out. The result will be an oil leak paired with oil starvation. 276DT engines hate the lack of oil, not to mention the poor quality of the fuel. By the way, the problem was successfully solved by replacing the standard oil pump, as well as installing a heated breather.

Tuning Options

In terms of tuning, the 276DT engines are very demanding. As the real owners of cars with such engines say, in most cases it is more profitable to replace motors with contract ones. The state of the crankshaft deserves special attention on the ICE 276DT.

Sometimes it is possible to find a forged version, which has a large margin of safety. Games with the ECU, intake / exhaust can end up by no means cheap for the owner of a car with a 276DT engine. It is better not to experiment once again. In addition, the engine is relatively old and the problems are inherent in it.

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