2025 Buick Enclave Colors

2025 Buick Enclave Exterior And Interior Colors

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By Scott Matthew

The 2025 Buick Enclave represents a pinnacle in the mid-size luxury crossover SUV segment, renowned for its opulence, spaciousness, and timeless elegance. This SUV promises ample headroom, shoulder space, generous cargo and passenger volumes, and luxurious seating crafted from premium materials, ensuring a comfortable journey for all occupants.

Buick Enclave Legacy and Features

Having traversed several generations, the Buick Enclave holds a firm position as an electric luxury SUV. Its allure lies in its luxurious design and top-tier material quality that defines its interiors. Equipped with a myriad of features like adaptive cruise control, an advanced audio system, and an array of safety features, the Buick Enclave ensures a superior driving experience.

Anticipating the 2025 Buick Enclave Redesign

Since its last generation launch in 2021, expectations are high for the upcoming redesign of the Buick Enclave. With a legacy spanning four generations, including the initial launch in 2007 and subsequent updates, our research suggests a redesign in the pipeline. Stay tuned as the new model, anticipated in 2024, promises multiple enhancements and advanced features.

Color Options for the 2025 Buick Enclave

The 2025 Buick Enclave offers a selection of eight distinctive exterior paint options, each contributing to its elegant design. While five colors are available across different trim levels, certain colors have specific limitations:

Common Exterior Colors Across Trims:

  • Cherry Red Tintcoat (Paint Code: GNT)
  • Ebony Twilight Metallic (Paint Code: GB8)
  • Emperor Blue Metallic (Paint Code: GA0)
  • Moonstone Gray Metallic (Paint Code: GXD)
  • Sage Metallic (Paint Code: G6N)

Trim-Specific Restrictions:

  • Cherry Red Tintcoat (GNT) and Summit White (GAZ) are unavailable for the Avenir trim level.
  • Rich Garnet Metallic (GLR) is not offered for the Essence and Premium trim levels.

Specifics Regarding Paint Costs:

  • The 2025 Buick Enclave Essence and Premium trims exclusively feature Summit White (GAZ) at no additional cost. Other colors require an extra charge.
  • For the 2025 Buick Enclave Avenir, most paint options come at no extra cost, except for White Frost Tricoat (G1W), incurring an additional $600. White Frost Tricoat (G1W) is also available for Essence and Premium trims at an extra cost of $1,095.

Expected Release Date for 2025 Buick Enclave

Despite the lack of confirmation from the company, industry trends suggest a potential release towards the end of 2024 for the 2025 Buick Enclave. Updates on the release date will be provided once the company issues an official statement.

Price Range and Trims

As the company hasn’t disclosed pricing for the 2025 model, expectations lean toward a slight increase compared to the previous year. Previous models ranged between $45,295 to $58,895 across all trims, offering a luxurious driving experience for consumers.

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