2023 VW Passat Review Specs Best Exterior & Interior Design

The interesting information we have just gathered about one of the most popular sedans in the world, the 2023 VW Passat. The next generation may be ready to be commercialized in late 2022 or early 2023.

2023 VW Passat Electric Redesign

2023 VW Passat Review

The new generation of 2023 VW Passat will build on the new and next evolution of the VW Group’s modular cross-sectional MQB platform. The new unofficial information gathered by our team presumes that the German company will continue production of this popular model, after speculation about the possible disappearance of the model several months ago.

Is the 2023 VW Passat Full Electric?

The latest 2023 VW Passat technical evolution of the MQB platform will bring more mechanical versions available. In this way, in the new installation of this model, several plug-in hybrid trains are proposed, as well as new diesel and petrol blocks which in most cases will be accompanied by 48V mild hybrid micro-hybridization technology. On the other hand, certain sources also do not rule out a hypothetical pure electric Passat.

2023 VW Passat Electric Interior

In fact, the sedan segment will be very well represented in Volkswagen in the short and medium term with Arteon being the most exclusive and bulky, with the new generation 2023 VW Passat (the protagonist of this article) and with an unprecedented 100% vehicle. Full electric, whose main line was developed through the ID Vizzion Concept prototype.

Exterior Designs

The designs of the new generation 2023 VW Passat – a preview of which we take you through a recreation of our illustrator Schulte – will be known by its internal code B9, a style that seems to have decided. Most likely, the image will follow an evolutionary path, with a more traditional style compared to the sportier looking Arteon, albeit with certain similarities between the two.

2023 VW Passat Exterior Design

The new generation 2023 VW Passat will be offered with various versions of front-wheel drive and all-wheel drive (in this case, the most exclusive and powerful). Initially, the four-door sedan body version and the estate variant will be confirmed, although the variant with more offroad and adventurous touches, the Passat Alltrack, shouldn’t be ruled out.

Interior Designs

The interior space and capacity of 2023 VW Passat will be increased in the new generation.
On board, the latest advances in entertainment and connectivity technology are expected – with 5G already standard – while in terms of safety and driving aids, the resulting model will incorporate a more advanced semi-autonomous drive system.


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