2023 Volkswagen Nivus: Budget, But Best High-Quality SUV

The German brand, Volkswagen is well known for its ability to experiment with car formats and produce the most desirable cars at any given point in time.

This is how the compact and inexpensive 2023 Volkswagen Nivus crossover looks based on the company’s hit – the Polo model.

This car, despite having similarities in details with other VW models, can hardly be called a restyling from anything produced before: a bright, modern appearance, not the most sophisticated interior, but quite comfortable and characteristics of an excellent engine compartment designed to make This new product is in demand in various continents markets and country.


Judging from the photos, the 2023 Volkswagen Nivus will look richer than the money requested. Visually, it will resemble Polo “pumped” with similar elements of aid, optics and air intake. However, the bumper, rear lights, and a few other small things are truly unique.

The face of the new model will look the brightest and freshest. It is not as tall as other crossovers and does not have a large width, which makes it easy to control the car even by people of short stature.

Under the sloping windshield, the large, not the largest hood cover with elongated, exhibits sharp edges.

2023 Volkswagen Nivus Exterior
2023 Volkswagen Nivus Exterior

This car is leaning towards the highway, bringing its eyes to VW-style rectangular lighting technology and C-shaped daytime running lights.

Among them is a large radiator grill prism with wide black-plastic horizontal blades and a large chrome brand icon in the middle. The grill perimeter is also trimmed with chrome stripes.

The 2023 Volkswagen Nivus body kit, though very large, does not differ in a large number of elements: only the fog lamps are hidden into the body, simple aerodynamic details and only a large trapezoid of additional air intake covered with black decorative grille. Below you can find protective inserts made of lightweight plastic.

The new body profile did not look massive or too fantastic. The sides begin with a sloping roof with small chrome rails. Below is a glass that is very tight and very large, which are arranged in the form of teardrop-shaped.

The windows contain the best black-and-gloss finish and are separated by a wider shelf, designed in the same style as the edges.

Closer to the front there is a large round mirror with a turn signal repeater. Below this begins a smooth transition of aid, bordered by a wide skirt and only a large wheel arch with a luxurious rim inside.

The back looks a bit brighter than solid. It started with thin spoilers, but many with a middle brake repeater.

These details include a very tilted round windshield, just below the wide colored marker lights, pure German style assistance, and a simple body kit where you can only find reflectors and plastic inserts with slots for the exhaust pipe at the very bottom.


The interior decoration of the new year 2020 Volkswagen Nivus model is made in the best tradition of the brand, although it does not differ in luxury.

Finishing materials – good quality fabric, leather and plastic of two types – are very reminiscent of what can be seen in the Polo model, but the entertainment center and chairs are somewhat different for greater comfort.

Control and Management

The cheapest crossover central console from VW looks simple and tight, including because it does not contain a single physical button except the emergency gang activator.

The top row of panels, along with the deflector, are occupied by large multimedia touch screens. Right below it are two more deflectors, and then a touch screen to work with the air conditioner.

2023 Volkswagen Nivus Control
2023 Volkswagen Nivus Control

Below this begins a short and narrow tunnel, where there are places for several compartments for glassware items, a technical panel with a rather large tooth selector on the head, and a simple armrest, in the stomach where you can find other compartments.

2023 Volkswagen Nivus Interior
2023 Volkswagen Nivus Management

Steering has a comfortable shape and the presence of a large number of buttons on the sides of the knitting needle. This practically does not preclude access to the digital virtual instrument panel, which is very informative and convenient for perception.

Seats and Cargo

The 2023 Volkswagen Nivus can accommodate five people at a time, each located in a chair trimmed with fine cloth or leather, comfortable in shape and with soft fillers. The two front seats will receive high-quality lateral support, heating and electric drive to change position.

The rear couch is spacious enough to accommodate three adult drivers who can slightly change the position of the backrest or tilt the middle armrest without any passengers sitting in the middle.

Average crossover luggage capacity: in “lined up” conditions, load a little more than 410 liters of cargo.


Under the hood of the 2023 Volkswagen Nivus model there will be a liter engine from the Polo sedan model with the return of 116 troops – on gasoline and 128 – on ethanol.

The possibility of installing turbines will increase this figure to 130 “horses” using traditional fuel.

The car drive will be a non-alternative front, but the gearbox can be chosen – a six-speed manual or “automatic” with the same number of gears.

2023 Volkswagen Nivus Engine Specs
2023 Volkswagen Nivus Engine

If you believe in a test drive, the car will accelerate well and drive around cities or highways, showing very low fuel consumption – in 6 liters in the combined cycle. However, for off-road driving data, SUVs are clearly not enough.

Options and Prices

The price of the new 2023 Volkswagen Nivus is not known for certain, but automotive experts suggest that it will start at $ 16,000.

Release Date

In Latin America, 2023 Volkswagen Nivus will appear this summer, reaching Europe early next year in 2023.

Competing model

The closest competitors of 2023 Volkswagen Nivus are Renault Kaptur, Skoda Kamiq, Toyota C-HR, and also Hyundai Venue.

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