2022 Toyota Corolla Cross: Will This Crossover be Released in the USA?

Every new Toyota car is a matter of extensive discussion long before the release of the car. Next year, the 2022 Toyota Corolla Cross developed on the basis of the eponymous company sedan will claim the founding status of various new models.

2022 Toyota Corolla Cross Designs
2022 Toyota Corolla Cross Designs

Cheap and practical cars, with off-road front wheels and all-wheeler ratings, nominally for the category, were initially oriented towards the market demands of developing countries. The model assets are new bodies, platforms are run on previous models, several options for power and transmission units.


In the appearance of the new crossover, there are clear similarities with the branded models RAV4 and Yaris Cross. In various front-end promotional photos, the 2022 Toyota Corolla Cross shows:

  • Narrowed at the top of the panoramic windshield;
  • Side profile stepping and dynamic tilt of large bonnet;
  • Block of three optical elements xenon head.

The lower end end segment design is stylish and somewhat aggressive. In the field of view: protruding radiator cladding, aerodynamic contours from side ventilation diffuser and compact plastic body kits.

2022 Toyota Corolla Cross Exterior
2022 Toyota Corolla Cross Exterior

The sidewall design is dominated by a combination of business and sports styles. The image of a modern car in terms of the layout and appearance of the car is shaped by moderate differences in the slope of the windshield and the hood which tends to be short, the black plastic trim of the three-part window and the modern oval rearview mirror.

The lower body design includes a ribbed relief located slightly in the threshold area and volumetric wheel arches and protective and decorative coatings. Entourage organically complements the 18-inch off-road wheel pattern.

In the layout of the back of the body, the absence of the protective characteristics of the spoilers from modern analog crossovers is very striking. Stock:

  • The steep slope of the rear glass;
  • Compact luggage doors adorned with aerodynamic protrusions, brand logos, and embossed decoration elements;
  • Universal wedge-shaped two-level light.

The complete set of lower aft segments looks great: ribbed bumper profile, vertical diffuser layout, protective panel and a pair of exhaust pipes from a large plastic body kit. According to experts, the adoption of new designs and technical solutions will help to delay restyling later on.

Color Options

The 7 best 2022 Toyota Corolla Cross colors, check below:

  • Celestite Gray Metallic

2022 Toyota Corolla Cross Celestite Gray Metallic Colors

  • Platinum White Pearl

2022 Toyota Corolla Cross Platinum White Pearl Colors

  • Attitude Black Mica

2022 Toyota Corolla Cross Attitude Black Mica Colors

  • Metal Stream Metallic

2022 Toyota Corolla Cross Metal Stream Metallic Colors

  • Red Mica Metallic

2022 Toyota Corolla Cross Red Mica Metallic Colors

  • Nebula Blue

2022 Toyota Corolla Cross Nebula Blue Colors

  • Graphite Metallic

2022 Toyota Corolla Cross Graphite Metallic Colors


As expected, the 2022 Toyota Corolla Cross interior, optimal in terms of comfort and equipment, was copied from the company’s sedan salon of the same name.

  • The talk-free multi-wheel top segment offers an overview of the analog instrument panel with two turns for engine speed and rotation.
  • The main area of ​​the center console is occupied by a media tablet that is equipped with a command function, and the activation panel for several standard options is installed downstairs.
  • In a central tunnel design: a power transmission transfer lever, a set of minimum regulators and armrests with small glove compartments.
  • List of salon accessories that create comfort and electronics in accordance with European standard recommendations. In particular, the output characteristics of multimedia complexes have been improved and the efficiency of climate control systems has been improved.
2022 Toyota Corolla Cross Interior
2022 Toyota Corolla Cross Interior

Regardless of its budget status, this new model offers comfortable seating and a good profile. Service equipped with lateral support for the front seats offers a variety of typical operational adjustments.

Passengers on the back couch for three comfortable and comfortable seats are available with tilt adjustment and folding armrests with integrated glass case. The mid-size crossover dimension indicates the presence of roomy luggage and the possibility of increasing it due to the conversion of a portion of the rear seat.


Dimensions of the 2022 Toyota Corolla Cross model are expressed in length, width and height ratios, respectively: 4400×1815 and 1600 mm. The body is based on the GA-C universal platform architecture, which shows very good results in the sedan layout.

Chassis and off-road parameters, very good for its class, are provided by the chassis with a combined rack-and-twisting suspension, center distance of 2640 mm, a set of stabilizers, disc brakes and a safety system.

2022 Toyota Corolla Cross Engine
2022 Toyota Corolla Cross Engine

With high probability, a row of motors will be copied from the sedan. The base model will receive a 1.2 l / 132 hp turbocharged gasoline ICE tandem and a 6-speed manual transmission.

The top modification will be equipped with a more powerful 1.6 and 2 liter drive, where automatic transmission, front drive or all-wheel drive are installed.

The trial shows the manufacturer’s nominal set speed dynamics for each engine and fuel economy. More detailed information will be published after processing all data received.

Options and prices

Reliable information about the top modification and trim level of new items is currently unavailable. It is known that the new year-old 2022 Toyota Corolla Cross will cost a little more than $ 14,000. The price of the advanced version in terms of strength and comfort is at the stage of formation.

Starting from sales in the USA

2022 Toyota Corolla Cross are adjusted in all respects for Asia and in part for the European market. The release date in the USA, at least in a two-year perspective, will remain questionable.

Competing model

The new 2022 Toyota Corolla Cross body has everything needed for successful competition with similar European analogues from the Alltrack Volkswagen Golf, Ford Focus Active and Subaru XV levels.

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