2022 Hyperion XP-1: High Performance Hydrogen Supercar

The small American manufacturer introduced the Hyperion XP-1, a supercar that runs on hydrogen and promises 1000 miles (about 1600 km) with a full tank of “future” fuel. In addition, the rider can cover a distance of 100 km / h in just 2 seconds.

2022 Hyperion XP-1 Exterior Colors

Another supercar out of nowhere, with gold prices and incredible performance. Again electric, but this one lacks battery: the Hyperion XP-1 runs on hydrogen. This uniquely designed coupe car promises things that seemed unthinkable five years ago.

2022 Hyperion XP-1 Price

The first is autonomy: 1000 miles, or more than 1600 km between each hydrogen tank at “legal speed”, with refueling in just 5 minutes. Numbers that would make every battery-electric vehicle owner dream of, but hydrogen distribution points are rare, including in California, the first American state when it comes to hydrogen.

2022 Hyperion XP-1 Designs

The specialty of the XP-1 is that it ties a fuel cell that converts hydrogen into electricity with a supercapacitor to store some of the energy.

2022 Hyperion XP-1 Reviews

Hence, none of the batteries in this car claim to weigh 1032 kg dry. We then understood the performance was a little better: 0 to 96 km / h in 2.2 seconds, a peak of 355 km / h.

2022 Hyperion XP-1 Release Date


Hyperion, which is one of the suppliers of hydrogen engines for NASA robots, promises to produce 300 units with the fastest delivery by 2022.



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