2021 Volkswagen Tayron X: Stylish Cross-Coupe With Beautiful Design

Volkswagen will provide car dealers with a comfortable, cross-coupe version of the 2021 Volkswagen Tayron X. In its basic version, this car is adapted to the characteristics of the Asian car market. Future versions in global status will be available in Europe and third world countries.

2021 Volkswagen Tayron X Designs
2021 Volkswagen Tayron X Designs

The manufacturer positions the newness of the ranks as a stylish and comfortable semi-sport crossover that equally meets the needs of drivers of all age categories.


China appreciates the body design and high-speed characteristics of last year’s crossover model, which sold more than 180 thousand copies. Restyling must bring new things in the cross-coupe body to a higher position in the consumer ranking.

2021 Volkswagen Tayron X Exterior
2021 Volkswagen Tayron X Exterior

In the brightest and most dynamic frontal projection, the 2021 Volkswagen Tayron X attracts attention:

  • Windshield format;
  • The waveform of the hood falls to the front of the hood;
  • Front xenon optical block or upper end LED trapezoid configuration;
  • Decorated with chrome perimeter and brand logo with a rough radiator coating.

Sports and rather aggressive adorn the bottom of the front end. In the field of view: combined with side air intake diffusers, curly silver trim, a set of fog lamps and a small metal-plastic body kit.

2021 Volkswagen Tayron X Reviews

In the photo on the profile, the new model shows the traditional crossover layout features for European counterparts. In the sporty style of the new 2021 Volkswagen Tayron X, it is organically suitable:

  • Quick tilt from the dome roof that is equipped with a decorative plastic roof rail;
  • Silver tonal semi-perimeter contrast top and plastic trim of the triple element window;
  • Round wheel arch contours of a square wheel.

Cross-coupe from the back side looks elegant and stylish. The classic crossover layout features can be seen in the combination of shiny spoilers and the gentle slope of large windows, configurations decorated with logos, chrome nameplates, decorative spoilers and exclusive graphics from the tailgate.

Chrome exhaust tip and a set of fog lights integrated into the side of the large bumper. A compact plastic-metal body kit complements the stern design.


The trim quality and functionality of the onboard options are as close as possible to the premium level. The interior is dominated by genuine leather and Alcantara, plastic, carbon and decorative metal inserts that are environmentally friendly.

Already in the basic configuration of the front panel there is a multi-mode digital dashboard, equipped with command touch buttons, widescreen display of a multimedia complex. High level control automation makes it possible to minimize the format and equipment of the center console.

2021 Volkswagen Tayron X Interior
2021 Volkswagen Tayron X Interior

The central tunnel includes the technical sector with gearshift and parking brake levers, an extended list of functional and comfort options, and soft armrests and refrigerators.

Electronic salon assets include enhanced multimedia output characteristics, additional assistant functions and an active safety system. The composition and capabilities of the 2021 Volkswagen Tayron X on-board equipment are identical to premium analogs from the European lineup.

Good-profile first-row sports chair services include full lateral and lumbar support, several types of electrical adjustments, ventilation and seat heating systems. The rear seat can be adjusted for the back and is changed to double the 660 liter luggage compartment.

The new body which is quite spacious provides rear passengers with a comfortable fit and more personal space due to the longitudinal movement of the seats.


The modified external dimensions of the 2021 Volkswagen Tayron X coupe series are implemented in proportional proportions of 4626 x 1860 and 1662 mm. The all-wheel drive chassis with 2730 mm base and off-road clearance is equipped with a combined rack-and-link suspension, running lateral stabilizers, disc brakes, and a safety system.

2021 Volkswagen Tayron X Engine
2021 Volkswagen Tayron X Engine

Unlike its predecessor, semi-sports cross-coupe is driven by ICE gasoline with parameters: 2 l, output 186 186 hp / 320 Nm or 220 hp Peak torque of 350 Nm.

The traction and speed capability of the power unit is realized by the undisputed seven-band transmission of the 7 series DCT.

Multidisciplinary trials confirm the dynamic characteristics of high-speed crossovers and the stated economic consumption of producers, harmonious interactions of component equipment.

Options and prices

Reliable information about specific numbers and configurations, including the top version, is not available at this time. But according to our automotive experts the start of sales of the 2021 Volkswagen Tayron X with the price of $ 33,350 – $ 41,830

Starting from sales in the USA

The new 2021 Volkswagen Tayron X model was initially adapted to the characteristics of the Chinese market, so the release date in the USA will most likely not be set.

It is known that for the USA, Volkswagen is developing an all-wheel drive modification from Tyrone with increased ground clearance, more efficient suspension, and non-alternative power units.

Competing model

Various leading automotive equipment manufacturers including SUVs with the same type with crossover layout. List of rivals in the new 2021 Volkswagen Tayron X cross-coupe consists of more than 30 models and modifications. Toyota RAV4, Peugeot 5008, Nissan X-Trail, Honda CR-V, Haval F7X and Mazda CX-5 are firmly planted in the first line.


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