2021 KIA Optima: A Prestigious Sedan With a Young Style

Not long ago, the KIA company presented a fifth generation large sedan named Optima to the automotive community. Korea is trying not only to maintain the popularity of the previous model, but also to increase it. So that the 2021 KIA Optima will boast bright body features, a significantly redesigned interior in terms of increased comfort, as well as characteristics of modern engine compartments.

2021 KIA Optima Redesign
2021 KIA Optima Redesign

Despite the fact that this car is “geared up” for young people who want to stand out in traffic, it will definitely appeal to older drivers who value comfort and ease of control.

Even the latest photos allow you to get ideas about new looks that are very modern and bright. 2021 KIA Optima adds a little in size, which increases the impression of luxury and the high cost of the car. Restyling adds more relief shapes, exclusive lighting elements and a large air intake system along with less significant elements, creating an elegant appearance of a representative car.

Redesign Exterior

2021 KIA Optima looks the most expressive from the front, thanks to the sloping windshield and hood cover with a height resembling the shape of an airplane wing. In general, the snout is not too high, but the length and width inspires respect.

Thin head optics, resembling comets with tails, contain LED edges of complex shapes and are divided into several different level sections. The radiator grille looks narrower than other models of the brand, but retains the branded layers at the top and bottom, as well as rather large patterns. The display is equipped with a large bumper, all cut by the air intake system with many aerodynamic elements and the area is raised under the license plate.

This new body of 2021 KIA Optima looks very futuristic because of its low, slender roof, rather large windows arranged in a drop shape above chrome and black-gloss-framing-bottom. A combination of bumpy and relieved, transformed into elegant and circular thresholds, large arches with large, stylish wheel discs.

From the additional elements, it is worth mentioning the round mirror on thin legs with turn signal repeaters in any configuration, wide body rack, and door handles that protrude broadly from the body.

The stern of the new model starts with a large, large-angle glass that blends into a short truck body with an aerodynamic lip at the rear end. Below this is a fancy LED side lamp that is connected by a narrow strip that crosses the entire back.

Then comes the main part of the trunk, seasoned with a little help. Underneath it is bordered by a large but neat bumper containing lateral air vents, several aerodynamic transitions, protection, and two rectangular exhaust system shafts.

2021 Kia Optima Colors

This is the available 2021 Kia Optima exterior color options, check the colors list below:

  • Passion Red Colors
  • Ebony Black Colors
  • Gravity Grey Colors
  • Snow White Pearl Colors
  • Sparkling Silver Colors
  • Sangria Colors
  • Horizon Blue Colors
  • Titanium Silver Colors
  • Platinum Graphite Colors
  • Passion Red

2021 Kia Optim Passion Red Colors

  • Ebony Black

2021 Kia Optima Ebony Black Colors

  • Gravity Grey

2021 Kia Optima Gravity Grey Colors

  • Snow White Pearl

2021 Kia Optima Snow White Pearl Colors

  • Sparkling Silver

2021 Kia Optima Sparkling Silver Colors

  • Sangria

2021 Kia Optima Sangria Colors

  • Horizon Blue

2021 Kia Optima Horizon Blue Colors


The new interior of the 2021 KIA Optima, seasoned with excellent plastic, leather and fabric, looks representative and expensive. A very good seat will allow you to overcome a considerable distance, and slick multimedia and many additional options won’t bore you on the road.

The center console of a new thing looks tight and at the same time bright. It no longer contains a physical switch except for the alarm activator. The top layer of the dashboard starts with a long air channel and a large format multimedia display located on the same level as them. Next to it, right in front of the driver’s eyes, there will be a cluster of widely read digital instruments. Below this is the climate control unit and some virtual assist keys.

Then an impressive central tunnel begins, where the innovative “washing machine” replaces the usual gear lever. Of course, there is a place here for connectors to connect external storage media to the car, wireless phone charging and tuner driving options. From the “comfortable” details, keep in mind the cup holders, niches for small things, and the luxurious armrests with the cooling unit inside.

Seat And Trunk

Traditionally, cars will have five seats, and accommodating one of them will not be difficult even for tall passengers. The chair will be covered in high quality leather and contains soft filling. The front seat will receive developed lateral support, can be electrically adjusted and heated, and some good “bread” additions. The back couch can change the angle of the back, and passengers who sit on it will be able to use a beautiful armrest table.

Luggage volume is also quite good: it has increased slightly and now amounts to nearly 520 liters of free space.


For 2021 KIA Optima, engineers have prepared impressive engine ranges, but not all will reach domestic latitudes. So, a two liter gasoline aspirator will produce 160 “horses” when using gasoline fuel and 146 if gas is used.

The 1.6 liter engine with a turbine will show 180 power, and aspirations of 2.5 liters – 194 hp. Devices with the same volume, but equipped with turbines, will provide 95 more “horses”. The manufacturer also announced a hybrid power unit with a total capacity of 195 troops.

The most powerful engine will work together with an eight-stage robot. For other machines, eight and six-speed “automatic machines” are prepared. In addition, it will be possible to select a drive: by default, liftback will be the front wheel drive, but the all wheel drive system can also be ordered.

You don’t even need to order a test drive to understand that the car will accelerate well, drive fast and can be operated on a variety of road conditions. Low fuel consumption will be a pleasant bonus for buyers.

Price & Release Date

According to existing traditions, the prestigious sedan will be presented in five trim levels, each of which can be equipped with the necessary options. Prices of 2021 KIA Optima are not yet available, but we expect to be slightly higher than the current model, which ranges from $ 24,115 to $ 32,915 (including destination fees).

KIA hasn’t confirmed when 2021 KIA Optima will arrive in the U.S., but it is said to be in many markets in the first half of 2020.


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