2.4L Mitsubishi 4B12 Engine Problems And Reliability

The 4B12 naturally aspirated gasoline engine is a joint product of Mitsubishi and Hyundai automakers. Its production began in 2007 and continues to this day.

This ICE is used on several models of the Mitsubishi brand (Delica, Lancer, Outlander). In addition, it can be found on Citroen C-Crosser and Peugeot 4007 cars.

Description and main features

4B12 is an in-line engine with 4 aluminum cylinders, 16 valves and 2 camshafts. The working volume of 4B12 is 2360 cm3.

Among the features of this engine, it is also worth highlighting a durable timing chain drive, distributed injection, a plastic intake manifold, a MIVEC phase control system and a forced liquid cooling system. And in this power unit there are balancer shafts. And they play an important role here – they lower the level of vibrations.

The power of the 4B12 engine is 168-170 hp, and the torque is 232-236 Nm.

Tuning prospects

Flashing the 4B12 electronic unit can give up to 20 additional “horses”. In this case, the torque can rise by 10% (that is, by about 23 Nm).

If you have the necessary spare parts, you can make some changes to the hardware of the motor. For example, here you can install a cold intake, a spider manifold with separate exhaust gases from each cylinder, a straight-through muffler, sports-type camshafts, as well as new pistons and connecting rods to increase the compression ratio. Such an approach will make it possible to overcome the mark of 200 hp.

4B12 Engine Applicability

  • Mitsubishi : Delica (2007-н.в.), Lancer (2007-2017), Outlander (2006-н.в.)
  • Citroen : C-Crosser (2007-2012)
  • Peugeot : 4007 (2007-2012)

4B12 Engine Specifications

Volume (cm3)2359
Power (hp)165-170
Torque222-232 Nm
Timing driveChain
Environmental classEuro 4/5
Fuel typeGasoline AI-92
ICE featuresNo
Supply systemDistribution injection
hydraulic liftersNo
Cylinder blockAluminum R4
cylinder headaluminum 16v
Cylinder diameter88 mm
piston stroke97 mm
Compression ratio10.5
Phase regulatorMIVEC
Engine oil5.2 L 5W-30
Average resource300 000 km

Disadvantages and problems of the 4B12 engine

  • Unfortunately, in the 4B12 engine, the oil pump can fail quite quickly.
  • Oil scraper caps can also be attributed to the problematic elements of this internal combustion engine. Often it is their wear that causes the oil burner.
  • And this engine at some point may begin to vibrate strongly. As a rule, this happens due to the fact that the spark plugs have exhausted their resource. Replacing them will certainly normalize the situation.
  • A few words should be said about the nozzles of the 4B12 engine. When working, they emit a characteristic chirping. However, this sound can be eliminated if the fuel supply system is properly adjusted.

In general, the 4B12 engine can be called reliable (no wonder it has been produced for 15 years already!). And for the first 200,000 km, it usually does not cause serious trouble to the owner.

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