1.6 H4M HR16DE (MPI) Engine Problems And Reliability

Renault H4M 1.6 liter engine (aka Nissan HR16DE) is a joint development of Renault-Nissan. It began to be produced in 2006 and replaced the K4M engine.

The 1.6 H4M HR16DE is installed on many models of Renault and Nissan brands. The 1.6 H4M HR16DE engine also is equipped with Sandero, Logan, Kaptur, Duster and Arkana cars. Also, this Renault Nissan 1.6 H4M HR16DE is equipped with Lada X-Ray and Lada Vesta.

Design and resource

The four-cylinder naturally aspirated H4M has an aluminum block and head, two chain-driven camshafts, an electronic throttle, a multiport injection system with two nozzles per cylinder.

The timing mechanism is equipped with a phase regulator at the inlet. The valves do not have hydraulic compensators, therefore they require periodic adjustment of the thermal gap (usually done after 80-100 thousand kilometers).

The Renault Nissan 1.6 H4M HR16DE engine is adapted for severe operating conditions (driving with frequent stops and long idling), in which service intervals must be reduced (oil and filter change every 7500 km).

Subject to the maintenance regulations and timely repairs, the H4M engine is able to “pass” up to 400,000 km.

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Specifications Renault Nissan 1.6 H4M HR16DE

Release years2006 – present
Place of productionYokohama Plant (Japan)

Dongfeng Motor Company (China)

Aguascalientes Plant (Mexico)

AvtoVAZ (Russia)
Engine’s typePetrol (Gasoline)
Supply systemInjector (MPI)
Cylinder configurationR4
Valves per cylinderFour
Timing typeDOHC
Timing driveChain
Cylinder blockAluminum
Cylinder headAluminum
Working volume1598 cm³
Cylinder diameter78.0
Piston stroke83.6
Compression ratio10.7:1
The order of operation of the cylinders1-3-4-2
Power110-119 HP
Torque142-158 Nm
Fuel typegasoline AI-92/AI-95
Environmental classEuro 4/5
hydraulic liftersNo
Phase regulatorC-VTC (intake)
Lambda probeYes
What kind of oil to fill0W-20

Oil volume4.3 liters
Engine weight120 kg
Sample resource300,000 km

Renault Nissan 1.6 H4M HR16DE Fuel consumption

The data is given for the crossover Renault Captur with manual transmission (2016-present)

  • Mixed – 7.4 liters;
  • Urban – 9.3 liters;
  • Extra-urban – 6.3 liters.

Which car models are equipped with the 1.6 H4M HR16DE engine

ModelRelease years
Lada Xray2015 – present
Lada Vesta2019 – present
Nissan Terrano (3rd generation)2014 – present
Renault Arkana2018 – present
Renault Duster restyling2015 – present
Renault Captur2016 – present
Renault Logan 22014 – 2018
Renault Logan 2 restyling2018 – present
Renault Logan Stepway2018 – present
Renault Megane (3rd generation facelift)2012 – 2014
Renault Megane (3rd generation 2nd restyling)2014 – 2016
Renault Sandero 22012 – 2018
Renault Sandero 2 restyling2018 – present
Renault Sandero Stepway 22014 – 2018
Renault Sandero Stepway 2 restyling2018 – present

Renault Nissan 1.6 H4M HR16DE Main problems and malfunctions

  1. Alternator belt whistle (the problem is solved by tightening or replacing the belt);
  2. Sometimes the relay of the ignition engine fails (the engine changes as an assembly);
  3. A loud sound that appears when accelerating indicates a burned-out muffler exhaust pipe gasket;
  4. Difficult starting of the engine in cold weather (temperature below -15 degrees) can be avoided by replacing the candles;
  5. If noise and knocking occur in the engine, it is necessary to check and adjust the clearances in the valves.

Maintenance schedule for Renault Nissan 1.6 H4M HR16DE engine

  1. Change of engine oil and oil filter – every 15,000 km;
  2. Air filter replacement – every 15,000 km;
  3. Replacement of spark plugs – every 30,000 km;
  4. Fuel filter replacement – every 120,000 km;
  5. Replacing drive belts – every 60,000 km or 4 years;
  6. Coolant replacement – every 90,000 km or 3 years;
  7. Valve clearance adjustment – every 90,000 km;
  8. Replacing the timing chain – after 150,000 km.


The presence of a small number of weaknesses and shortcomings, as well as good reviews about the HR16DE-H4M engine from owners operating cars, confirms its reliability.

It is still better to change the oil more often than the recommended period in the operating instructions, this will extend the period and mileage of operation before overhaul.

The Renault Nissan 1.6 H4M HR16DE engine is suitable for partial overhaul after the resource is exhausted (see the table), since the block is not sleeved, it will have to be bought. The cheapest gasoline that can be used is 92nd, but it works better on 95th.

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